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Welcome, Family & Friends!

This website is all about the Ela Family - it's history, origins, traditions and legends.

There have been Elas in New England since the 1600's. Over the past 400 years or so, family members have moved about, and you can now find the Ela name throughout the U.S. However, most have remained in the New England area, so much of the information here will focus on that area of the country. The photos on this page are from the Fryeburg, Maine area. At the top, is a view from Jockey Cap. How many of you have climbed it? Share your stories and memories in our public forum.

On this site, I hope to provide an online resource for researchers, family, and interested guests. I am looking forward to sharing information, and learning more about my family's history. You will find a public forum for sharing of information, and I hope to have some photographs available in the near future. This site will always be "a work in progress", so check back often.

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